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Any tips for fixing a scratch.

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While washing by blue 03 R6 today I noticed a 4" scratch on the front left lower fairing that was not there before. Do you know any tips or tricks to repair it?

I have done a few searches and must not be putting the right info in the search line because nothing has come up to help me. I have entered "fix a scratch" and "touch up paint" and nothing came up that could help. The only information I got was the paint color code. I don't want to repaint the whole bike, I just want to fix the scratch.

Any ideas?
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check the how-to or check out color-rite.com or go to your local paint shop and ask if they can help you out or offer any advice.
The color-rite site had a touch up pen that will work, found here if anyone else needs it.


Any other suggestions?
olivejr said:
Any other suggestions?
a pic of the scratch would help so i could tell you exactly what to do but here's the basic breakdown.

any scratch can be wet sanded out as long as it is not below the clearcoat. for deep scratches start with 1000 grit sand paper, then 1500 grit, finally 2000 grit. for regular scratches start with 1500, 2000k.

after you will want to use a rubbing compound and buffing wheel to bring the shine back. or you can do it by hand but it will take longer.
and if they are light enough you can sometimes get away with just rubbing compound
or you can do like that drivers ed kid on tv and use a sharpie.......
The scratch is on the lower left front fairing. I will put up a pic of it later this afternoon when I get home.

Can you sand out a scratch on the plastic?
olivejr said:
Can you sand out a scratch on the plastic?
you mean on a piece that's not painted?
Here are a couple of pics.

Does this give you a better idea?


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Ohh I think just some 3M rubbing compound will take that out. (Note I said THINK.)
a small piece of 2500 grit wet sandpaper and rubbing compound will work on that. that won't take long either.
Phew! I just got a cheap used red/white mid-fairing piece for an otherwise blue bike and I'm NOT going to be re-painting it. 4" scratch on the clearcoat, haha. What clearcoat?
I will give the 2500 grit wet sandpaper a shot. Do you have to go to a speciality shop to get that or can you get it at a Home Depot or Lowes type store?
air grinder:hyper
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