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MOTORCYCLE: 2006 Kawasaki ZX-6R

MILEAGE: Low. OEM gages showed 1062 miles. I have put a different gage cluster on it and ridden it about 1000 miles myself.

TITLE: This bike has a Virginia Salvage title. *NOTE that it will need to go through your state's salvage inspection procedures before being cleared to get a license/registration and be legally ridden on the roads.
**NOTE: I have a "date" with MO HP for inspection to get the title back to streetable (i.e. prior salvage).**

DESCRIPTION: I bought this bike as an insurance salvage bike from a lot in VA with the intention of riding on the street and track for a couple of years. Ultimately, I bought another bike for that and am selling this one due to too many motorcycles under 1 roof!

All damage to the bike was cosmetic and to the plastics. The top of the gas tank is dented (paint not chipped or rashed) and plastic part of gas tank cover is cracked at the point where it bolts to frame by gooseneck. There are no impact marks, cracks, or dents on the frame or swing arm. There is a scuff mark on the left side of the swing arm that I must have put there b/c it wasn't there when I got it...OOPS! I have no fear of this bike, engine or frame. I have ridden it on VIR at 150+ and many miles on the street far from home. It is razor sharp!!
Motor is stock Kawasaki for reliability. With the 636 cheater motor, you don't need a bunch of 'power up' stuff, believe me! I haven't even done the legendary "jumper mod".
OEM BT-014s have 80% left on them front and back. Spare wheels have Michelin Power Race. Spare wheels/rotors were professionally staightened to within 0.005" TIR by Ron at FrameStraight in TN (they were bought dented from another bike. OEM wheels from this bike were/are factory straight like the rest of it).

List of parts on bike (or included with bike)
1) Additional set of wheels w/ rotors
2) Additional Radiator (not crashed)
3) Additional Gage cluster (original crashed OEM, tach is functional)
4) Catalyst Racing Composites (CRC) Street Upper
5) Catalyst Racing Composites Lower
6) Vortext Rearsets
7) Vortext frame protectors
8) ZX-6RR shock COMPLETE set up (shock, 11mm spacer, bellcrank, dogbones)
**(on bike now - still have the complete OEM 6R shock setup)
9) Goodridge braided brake lines, black (not installed)
10) SBS Dual Carbon pads (788-DC) (not installed)
11) Mirrors for street
12) Passenger Pegs for street
13) Additional OEM Clutch lever and perch
14) Additional OEM windshield
15) Additional OEM sprocket hub and cush drives
16) Rear stand spools
17) New DID 520 Gold Chain and new OEM Kawi sprockets.

The bike is set up for easy transition from street to track. CRC street upper and OEM headlight come off and a CRC TRACK upper (not included) can be easily Dzus'ed into place. Kickstand has been put on a wiring harness for quick un-plug. Bolt on the spare set of wheels with DOT's and there you go, instant track bike

I appreciate absolute completeness in descriptions when buying M/C's and I'm sure you do too. I've taken several photos of the bike and can take more if you need. Just let me know. I will do my best!!


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