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Any body know what this problem is?

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Hi Fellas,
Can someone help me.
I have only noticed this today (1st time) the starts fine but when i go to pull off it feels like theres no petrol left but as soon as it gets past 3k its fine again. This problem only happens when the rpms drop below 3k. Ive talked to the dealer and they reckon its the spark plug caps/leads that need changing?

Its an 03-R6
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could be a stickin valve too but that is on the extreme side of it.
There was a recall on the ignition coils, get them replaced for free by any Yamaha dealer.
Sound like its bogging down like a cylinder isn't firing at low rpm or somethin I had that with my 01. the problem was a faulty coil swapped it out problem solved. As Bakerist says have the coils changed F.O.C. and see how she runs.
oh with the coils was that just an american recall?
im here in Australia...
Believe the recall was worldwide
As soon as you start the bike, feel the headers to see if they all heat up at the same rate. Often with a spark plug/coil problem one will be slower to heat up. At least that tells you which coil/plug to mess with. Don't burn yourself.
Also if you do a search you can find some pictures of what the ignition coils look like when they are burnt. Mine were pretty bad and I never really noticed it. I would check them first. If they are bad, some dealers would just order the coils and give them to you, but others would only replace them if they did the work. So you may want to call around if they are bad.
Yeah it sounds to me that its probably the coils are going bad OR it may be the spark plugs.
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