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Alpinestars Stunt Jacket sz 46

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Jacket is in great condition, never down, no tears, stains, scratches, etc.

The front zipper (the thing to pull the zipper, the zipper itself is fine) broke. I used a key ring to replace, and it's actually easier to use when you have gloves on.

NEW PRICE IS - $170 plus shipping

New attached ACTUAL pictures.

email [email protected] if you want to see more pics. Thanks.


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New price

$175 + shipping
Bump for new pics and new price.
Is it that my price is too high, or that no one's a size 46, or that it's an older model jacket? Or a combination of those things?

If someone wants it, make me an offer. Otherwise, it'll just be sitting in my closet. Thanks.

Located in So Cal btw (in case I didn't mention it).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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