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air filter for the desert

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I know everyone loves the bmc race filter, but I wonder if it would be safe to use in my region, I live in the So. Cal high desert and would be a little concerned with the filter allowing more particles through, any thoughts?
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I would not risk it. I swear the stock filter. Dual density foam is the best compromise of flow and filtration sp*. Most people would be surprized with the amount of crap that gets through a K&N or BMC race.

Disclaimer: The statements above are purely from my experience and totaly MY opinion.
thats why I ask, I was blown away to see how much dirt was getting past the k&n in my truck, I wasn't shure if the bmc was any better
Stick with the stock filter. 2-3HP isn't going to be worth the risk IMHO.
sweet, sounds like a plan. what are the best cleaners and oils to maintainence it?
I know we have ben talking bmc race filters but do you think the street filter would be a safe bet?
ccentola said:
sweet, sounds like a plan. what are the best cleaners and oils to maintainence it?
Soap and water, then use some regular engine oil to lightly oil it after it's completely dried. Mine took quite a while to completely air dry...Like a day and a half to two days, since you can't really wring it out that well without breaking the rivets that hold it together (which you can do if you really want to, it won't hurt anything).
I would sugest using mineral sprits(paint thinner) then the soapy water. The sprits brakes down the oil so the soap can release the dirt. Use a foam filter oil insted of engine oil.
K&N filter oil is okay for the stock filter, right?
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