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added too much oil

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I did an oil change on my 03 R6 about a week ago. Today I check the dipstick and oil started flowing out. I just put a cup underneath to catch it all. Does too much oil hurt the engine? If so, is there a way to take just a little but of oil out and not drain the whole thing...oil is expensive!
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oil started flowing out? how much did you add?
Holy christ! It came out of the fill / dip stick hole?!?!?! No wonder you think oil is expensive, you must have put in 8 bottles!

If you want to drain a little out just put a pan down or whatever you use to catch oil and unscrew the oil drain bolt, letting the amoutn out that you want, then screw it back in.
I know for a fact that a half quart too much oil can be added without any problems. However, if you actually had oil flow up out of the fill hole when you popped the cap off, you've got waaaay more than that in there.

Too much oil will not *hurt* the engine if you're not pushing the engine really hard. What will happen, though, is the engine will act just like a pump and start ramming all that extra oil up past the piston rings and up thru the crankcase breather system, and all the oil will end up flowing thru the intake system and into the combustion chambers. The engine will start billowing white smoke and if all the oil isn't cleaned out of all the little passages in the air intake system, small pieces can get gummed up and the engine won't run well until it's thoroughly cleaned.

If you have a ton of extra oil and you're flogging the engine (riding really hard, full throttle, hard acceleration, etc), then you can do physical damage to the parts because the crankshaft and connecting rods smack against the surface of the oil as they rotate.

As said above, open the drain plug and let some of that extra oil out. An R6 uses less than 3 quarts of oil even with an oil/filter change. Hold the plug against the hole with your fingers, and remove the plug in 1-second increments. After each second, thread the plug in a little ways so it stays, and check the oil. Repeat this until the oil level is back to normal, then tighten the oil plug.

*edit* Hey, I have a question for you...when you filled the engine with oil, was the bike leaning over on its kick stand? That would explain how you managed to get so much oil into it that it flowed out of the hole when it was straightened up.
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thanks for all the info. damn i thought i read that it takes ~3.9 quarts of oil with oil and filter change so i just put in 4 quarts. I wasn't even thinking about it because I was in a rush to change my brothers oil (600rr) and my friends oil (636). Then I went to check the oil today and oil started flowing out of the dipstick hole. I guess it's time to drain some of that.
Make sure you check your buddies bikes as well. You wouldn't want to cause them any problems either.

Actually it is possible to damage the motor at high revs if you have too much oil, you can easily bend a rod or damage the crank. Imagine the crank whacking into a sea of oil at 15,000 rpm...
Aight I just drained some of the oil and now it's back to normal. They have a little oil window on their bikes and they checked their oil already. They are fine. I guess I won't be doing the same thing next time around. You live and you learn. Thanks for all the help.
I just did the same. Filled engine with extra 4 quarts. Started the engine, reved it up and engine shut down. Now when key turned on engine won't start when pushing start button. It makes no noise what so ever. Any solutions of what might be the problem?
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