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Acceleration 25mph - 45mph?

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Does anyone know where I can find or how I could calculate the time it would take my '02 R6 geared -1/+2 to accelerate from 25 MPH to 45 MPH. I need this information to fight a speeding ticket. I'm going to argue that I accelerated momentarily to negotiate a huge pothole. It will be more believable if I have data that states this acceleration can be done in less than a second or two. Thanks!
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Why not just argue that you were accelerating to improve handling in order to avoid the pothole instead of trying to fudge numbers to "prove" your case?

I would actually recommend finding some concrete literature that states that a motorcycle can be swerved and turned more stably and safely while the speeds are higher because the forward momentum helps maintain the bike's gyroscopic tendency to stay up. If you can back your argument with this kind of documentation, and you can get them to believe that you really did only speed up to get around the pothole and then slowed back down, you should be ok.

However, if you insist on coming up with the numbers, the only place I can think of is Microsoft Excel. That's right, you get to do a little math and write the equations yourself. I'm an engineer and therefore I'm a total nerd, so this stuff interests me. If you'd like, PM me and maybe I can help.
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I'm not worried about the explaining the technique too much. I'm a MSF instructor, so I can just cite the CHP-sponsored texts that I teach with. They all state that the proper technique to negotiate an obstacle is to briefly roll-on the throttle until your front wheel crosses it in order to decrease the load on the front. I'm just looking for some real numbers to back up the speed I was clocked at. I was just hoping someone had a link to a website that might do these sorts of calculations. Otherwise, I'll have to crunch some numbers the hard way. I guess with an engineering degree of my own, I should be able to do some simple math. :(

what gear??? the cop isnt going to be able to prove that, so which ever way u want to argue, pick the gear that will help support ur case...

it sounds like ur tryin to make it like u did it very quickly, so say that u were in first and hunt down those numbers and good luck:thumbup
haha first gear of course!! I'm fighting this one all the way. Subpoena-ing all his training documents and calibrations and speed surveys and stuff. Trial by mail is the first plan of action. The bastard is just lucky I didn't think he was coming after me. I slowed way down after I saw him because he didn't look interested. When I saw his brake lights flash, I thought he was giving me a "rolling warning" so I flashed mine back. I was very surprised to see him behind me a few seconds later. I do not condone it in any way shape or form, but if I knew he was going to come after me I could have gunned it, made the next turn, and gotten away easily. It was his lucky day, and now I'm just waiting for mine when I get this dismissed hopefully over some technicality.
^ I like your style. If you do go to court I would really suggest a third partys testimony ie what your already going for. It will hold more ground in court if it's coming from someone that you don't know personally.
Same here

I got hit with the same BS yesterday.
I'm stopped at traffic light (20th st.) in the right hand lane and there are three cars in the left hand lane. About 150' (that's high) in front of me there is a downed tree surrounded by police barracade in the right hand lane. The barracade is clearly visible. I opened the throttle, take off, hit turn signal, get in front of the car and roll off the throttle a little. As I pass the car there is a cop pulling up to the intersection (21st st.). After the traffic clears he pulls out after me and pulls me over. He pulls up and says nice bike but you can't be racing like that. I told him I was overtaken the car so that I could avoid running into the downed tree.
The bastard gives me a citation for $106 indicating that I was accelerating at very high speeds.

But here is the stupid part.
He says if I plead not guilty he'll show up in court and testify that I was trying to avoid a tree in the road. I'm like What The F you give the ticket for if you know why I did what I did.

I later found out the cops in my city get four hours of overtime for court appearances.
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Ive gotten 2 tickets recently.. I got them both on the same day and had only had my bike for 12 days... I was speeding when I shouldnt have been of course but heres my plan of action: I was thinking of argueing that I bought the bike 12 days ago and I wasnt aware that it had a sprocket or something which put the speedo off. I will buy a speedo healer and show them the recepit then sell it on ebay and tell them I installed it to fix my speedo error that I wasnt aware that was present. I could say after my tickets I tested my bike on those public saftey things that radar you and tell your speed. Ive never had a speeding ticket before. Do you think this would hold water in court?
Karonic said:
^ I like your style. If you do go to court I would really suggest a third partys testimony ie what your already going for. It will hold more ground in court if it's coming from someone that you don't know personally.
Nova, I think your case would hold more water if you had a statement from a shop or something saying that your speedometer was off. If nothing else, going through that effort will probably result in some reduced fines if you don't get them tossed out.
i dont really know many people from shops... how would I go about getting someone to do it? I just thought that I might be able to convince them I was knowledgeable, Ive taken 2 semeesters of automotive mechanic classes and I do work on my friends cars/bike kind of like a small mini business.
novasyder, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law, theyll probably tack on a faulty equipment ticket also
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