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A* jacket zipper repair

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Anyone know how I can go about fixing my A* jacket? The zipper broke today. Is there anywhere I can purchase another zipper and where would I go to get a zipper sewed on? Thanks.
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Try this guy he fixed the waist zipper on mine.

Byrums Shoe Service
Great Valley Shopping Center
Corner of Rt30 & Rt401
Malvern, PA
is it just the pully thing? if it is just put a zip tie on.

if it's the actual unit that goes up and down you'll have to replace it most likely.

go to a tailor that specializes in sewing leathers. They'll take out the old zipper strip and put in the new one.

Just make sure to get one that is a bigger zipper/teeth because those are more heavy duty.
Thanks guys. Its the zipper teeth themselves. I guess I'll also have to take the pants in too because its the zipper that attaches the pants to the jacket that broke.
Yeah, he had to replace the zipper on both the pants and jacket.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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