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A few pics

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here are a few pics from last weekend


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Nice...you doing them slow in that first shot or no?
yeah i'm just learning the rear brake that one is in second prolly at like 30. i wanna get the exhaust to touch. i've gotten real close to it but i'm still practicing.
Nice...becareful tho scraping that pipe can toss you. When scrapin on the rr its so far back its ridiculous so make sure you keep pressure on that brake.
lookin good man!!
Is that an 06 rr
looks good, you need a wheelie bar! and a 2x4 in the face for doing that shit, but i still think its cool
everyone tells me i should put one on but it is an 06 and don't really wanna do all that shit to a bike that i still owe 6k on.
Don't need a 12 bar...its already built in on that bike.
Ya my buddy has an RR those things wheelie rediculously high
i am wearing gear i have a helmet and gloves. it was like 90* and muggy as hell that day. i was sweating balls wearing a tank top plus this is the stunt section which means gear nazi's stay out u post whore.
pull your legs up just a bit more and they would look really good.
I would kill for a road like that...no traffic and woods to dampen the noise....man....that's sick.

Sick pics.
yeah its a great spot there are no houses around, barely any traffic and most of the time the cars that come thru pull over and watch. u can be as loud as u want and no one is around to hear it.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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