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I am currently seeking the engaged help of the community for a special request for the fairings of the above mentioned bike. I am a avid successful DIY guy, with a knack for definitely beating prices on my projects and this time I need help.

I've been rebuilding a wrecked '99 YZF R6 and I've locked down that it's a 49 state model and I am missing most and I mean nearly ALL pieces cept the tail and head cover. My hopes is that some of you will be of great assistance and possibly, to the best of your ability either accurately obtain the dimensions of the fairings for this bike and/or provide me with the results. As long as the deminsions are you the mm I should be able to rebid them programmatically via my 3D Printer. I would be will to offer the community the services in return at a very discounted price but this is purely personal and not an attempt to sell my services. I purely want to create the fairings for my bike without spending $500 nearly for the whole set.

Thank you for your help in advanced and I look forward to any help provided. You guys are fucking cool, I've been reading the forum for sometime now and I gotta say, it's the reason I bought this previous junker and rebuilt her to the glory she is thus far
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