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99-02 Subframe

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I have a Service manual for a 99-02 for $25 shipped. Also have a slightly bent subframe from a 00R6. $30 shipped Mounts up fine it's just bent at the very end where the rear seat mounts. I used it all season like this, would be great for a track bike or stunt. Pm me if your interested in either.
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Aaaargh6 said:
Can you show pics of the manual...what brand is the manual...
It's the Yamaha Service. NOT aftermarket. Sale pending. If he doesn't want it I'll post pics up.
Manual sold. Best offer on the subframe. $20 shipped if anyone wants it.
Do you still have the subframe? Can you send pics to [email protected]? Thanks.
Ya I'll take some pics now.
Would you also happen to have the battery tray?
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