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Having the same problem guys.....all my local garages are a waste of time, some tell me it's the clutch others say gearbox others say detent spring, some even said my chain could be slipping on the front sproket, i dont wanna hand my bike to any of theese till i can be sure they are going to rectify the problem without replacing any unnesecary parts!!!
My r6 is a 99 model with 17500 miles on the clock, i have trouble with 2nd if i accelerate hard, if i feather the throttle i usually do not feel the gear slippage.... the feeling when riding is a jerking feel then the bike will pick up speed, jerk a bit more and more if i keep on the throttle, if i ease off the jerking will stop, it goes into every gear without fail everytime up and down the box, every other gear is strong and faultless. Anyone else had the same feeling as me??? I keep reading people saying 2nd gear jumps out into neautral and the gears are hard to select but my problem seams different as it does not exactly jump out of gear more like jumps in gear!!!
you have the second gear problem. replace second and sixth gear along with the left shift fork.

you can buy the 03-05 r6 gears and fork and it will fit perfectly. done it myself and been tracking it for about 500 miles plus 10000 street miles.

i have a 2000 R6 and it jumps into neutral from second sometimes. i have a little over 6000 miles and it runs great. i've had it for about 4 months and the only thing major i've done is replace all 4 carb bowl gaskets. just because one was leaking. a couple of friends went on a ride the other day. we all stopped at a stop sign and was making a left turn onto a busy 2 lane road. i pulled out second and hammered down on the throttle while switching into second. i got into second for just a second and it just jumped into neutral. i quickly engaged the clutch and slammed it into second again. i eased on the throttle and it stayed. the whole time this is happening i had a big fullsize chevy truck coming up fast on my six. luckily the driver was paying attention and hit the brakes. i could have been a hood ornament or splatter on the windshield. its only slipped out a total of about 6 times on hard acceleration. this is the only close call.
you have either a detent spring failure (~1.00 fix) or a broken shift shaft (~100 dollars). follow your shift rod up to where a rod goes into the engine case. you can see a cover that you can remove, take it off and see whats laying at the bottom. you can take it off without worrying about oil spilling out.

I have an 01' R6 also the same thing has happened to mine. I did some research and i found out that you can replace 2nd, 6th and some circlips from the 03' R6 to eliminate that problem. The problem is that many shops won't do that, so you would have to know a mechanic that would do that for you.
do it yourself. its not that hard just make sure you have the service manual to help and a torque wrench.

i haven't done anything mechanical wise other than change my tire. tackled this over winter and took my time and it has worked just fine.

i bought my 03-05 R6 donor transmission for 50 dollars on ebay. you won't get that lucky. also when you get this donor trans, all you need is second gear, sixth gear, and the left shift fork. everything can stay the same.

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Hi all, from Australia here. Time to resurrect this thread.

I have a 99 R6 and knew about this 2nd gear issue before I bought the bike. Now 2nd gear on mine seems fine, and it has 52,xxxKM on it. but I know not to abuse it and always shift properly... but on the odd occasion that I am on the power in 1st and shift into 2nd, about half the time the lever will smack back down into my foot. Half the time it's fine.

It also feels very lumpy when accelerating smoothly in 2nd below 4,000rpm. It's not the chain/sprockets or the rear wheel being loose.

If anyone has taken theirs apart before 2nd gear totally failed, were you able to get away with undercutting the engagement dogs? Were your shift forks and/or drum damaged? How about detent spring?

ASLO - someone posted in this thread that their 1st gen R6 stops running and won't start when fully warmed up. Mine did the same and I have worked around it by venting the crankcase breather to the atmosphere (instead of the airbox) and plugging the line on the airbox.

My question is whether this is blowby (not noticing smoke of any colour out the exhaust) or if the oil is overfilled, or something else?


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