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99-02 r6 first bike?

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hey guys

i just finish with my msf class like 2 weeks ago and i just got my license today in the mail.

im looking for my first bike and found alot of 99-02 r6 for sale in the sacramento area and they are going for pretty cheap. my question is would the 99-02 r6 be good for a beginer bike? also are they hard to work on and are there lots of afternarket parts out there for it?

thanks guys and i hope i post this in the right forum...
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no, not a good beginner bike.

There is a good selection of aftermarket support.

Hard to work on? Depends on who you ask and what your experience is with working on mechanical things. Nothing is crammed together too badly. Pretty striaght forward design, engine, 2 wheels, brakes if you need them no real tricks to it.
Only hard part is getting the carbs off and on by the boot clamps.

Like I tell every new rider that asks, get a small cheep beater bike and ride the piss out of it, spend the extra on good riding gear.

Dont worry about droping it, get used to how a bike handles, how traffic is on a bike, save yourself some money on insurance. Then when you have some seat time and are comfortable with some of the more difficult manuvers then get what you want.
Yeah i agree with D duck. My first bike is actually my 02 r6. It was a wrecked bike that i fixed. I learned a lot about the bike but it's definitely not for anyone whose not mechanically inclined, but then again, a lot of bikes can be pretty tricky.

Oh and dun let your friends/roommates ride your bike! lol. My bike was done like for a week and i thought my roommate could be trusted but that asshole dropped it cuz apparently his eyes likes the gauges more than the road. So now my freshly painted fairings have scratches in them.
I couldnt agree more, I got a 99 r6 for a first bike. I paid top dollar (4400) last year, but it came custom painted with a bunch of stuff, then I beat the piss out of it like all beginner riders do, I never kept it clean, I hardly ever lubed the chain and my bike just got beat. Then I made a rookie mistake and dropped it, but out of my first summer riding I learned a lot about maintaining a bike, riding a bike, and a ton of other stuff about my bike on this forum. If you are a beginner and you read up on your bike, respect it when you ride, get sliders, and try to avoid rookie mistakes then you will be just fine. If I listened to what experienced riders told me, I could have kept my bike in a lot better condition, and my skin too. if you could listen to us on here read up a bunch and really take what people tell you to heart, the r6 makes a great first bike....Unless of course you have never ridden anything with two wheels, I rode pedal bikes and dirtbikes all the way till I turned 17. If you have 0 experience, then get a bike that will be forgiving and cheap to fix because if you dont know what a bike does, you only learn through mistakes.....If you rode a dirtbike and have felt 2 wheels under you for a while and understand the throttle, brake, clutch concept I think that an r6 is a sweet bike to start out on. Either way you will be hard on your first bike and the chances of messing it up are pretty good.
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I'm going to be another one of the people that says it's not a good bike to start with...even though I did it.

I've had a 2000 for the past 3 years and I'm a mechanical junky so I take really good care of the bike, so if you're at all like me how you treat the bike totally depends on you.

If I could go back and do it again I would probably get a Kawasaki 500.... Take it for what it's worth.

(I laid it down for the first time 2 weeks ago when I nailed some gravel btw...)
I got an 01 CLE R6 as my first bike.

Maybe it's just my mentality, but get all the sliders, a damper, and some good tires....then just RIDE YOUR ASS OFF. You won't be so disappointed iif you drop you bike in the driveway or something (it WILL happen) cause nothing will get damaged. The good tires, well, duh! Damper...for those unexperianced moments when you gas it and the front want to get twitchy.

All those combined will save your ass....and they're something you wanna get anyways...
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