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520- slidestops.. :)

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Just did them both.. went for a ride.

keep in mind i have pc3 and slip on.

when i did those.. i was like ok.. its a little better

but my bike scared me.. it is a differnet bike.. amzing pull.. amazing difference

anyone who hasnt GO do it.. ur bike will feel like a new beast

15/49 set up(for those that are curious)

160weight.. and the front stays down.. but i lean way forward..

slidstops take care off the lag.. i have from 3k-8k

very happy.. off to utah i go for track day.

Take care guys
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that is awesome to hear, have fun riding, i just put a 520, 15/50 on my bike and am hoping to see the difference as well.
combatstang said:
slidstops take care off the lag.. i have from 3k-8k
Take care guys
what exactly is this "lag"?

is it: open throttle -> lag -> power?

I thought this was just due to the 600cc engine having no torque down low... ?
now go get a custom map and youll be even happier
good job man! i actually ordered my slide stops yesterday from factory pro along w their +ignition advancer. im really looking forward to them. i hate that lag. to answer your question lordplum i believe the lag we speak of is just the power between 3-5rpm unlike 9+rpm boost when the r6 desides to buck you off.
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