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Each time I go to start bike after it has been parked for a week or two. The engine turns and turns and turns.. there is no fire/spark.. Sometime i get a fire for a half a second after 4th or 5th attempt.

I have to keep re-fueling the fuel pump (turn key off, than turn back on) until last month if i did that 3-5 time it would slowly spark each time and eventually start.

Now no mater what do i, the engine turns and turns but no fire. Sometimes it would fire for a split second but won't start.

After the bike has been warned up, (running for 30 mins or so) the problem is absolutely never there. It starts up perfectly fine, every time given the engine is hot.. Problem is only present when the engine is cold (left parked for a few hours) or starting after a week.

yesterday after 7 failed attempts, I got very frustrated, and push started it, it fired up in first attempt.. I'm afraid something else will go bad if i keep this up. Saw a lot of slow/no starting threads, nothing which sounds like my issue.
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