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League Name (private) = R6N-R6C-R6MN (league #81)
League Password = ozyhasherpes

How to Play
The format of the game is simple. You have a budget of 10.0m for each series which you must use to buy riders to represent your team in each of the races during the year. Your choice of riders will be influenced by their fictitious 'price' which we have assigned to each of them for the purposes of this competition. The riders most likely to do well will be more expensive than those that are likely to be making up the numbers at the back of the pack. You can pick as many riders as you like as long as the total cost of your riders does not exceed the budget.

All selected riders will score points for your team based on their performance in each race, as set out on the 'How to Score' page. If your rider does not race you will not score any points in respect of that rider.

You are able to make as many changes to your rider lineup as you like, as often as you like during the course of the year. However please note that the 'cut-off' for any changes is 17:00 UK time 2 days prior to race-day (typically Friday). Any changes (or new entries) will still be accepted by the system but these will not be recognised for the current race weekend.

How to Score
Your team will score points for each of your riders as set out below. Your riders will be those that we deem to have been selected by you as at 17:00 UK 2 days prior to Race Day, typically on the Friday.

Classified Race Position
1st + 25
2nd + 20
3rd + 16
4th + 13
5th + 11
6th + 10
7th + 9
8th + 8
9th + 7
10th + 6
11th + 5
12th + 4
13th + 3
14th + 2
15th + 1

An additional 4 points will be awarded to the rider who starts from pole; in the case of WSBK and BSB this applies only once to the race weekend and not each race.

In the event of any race results being amended through appeal or disqualification AFTER the competition scores are updated, the amendments will NOT be reflected in respect of this competition. The original results will stand.

Other Rules
If any eventuality arises that has not been considered in respect of this competition, we (FSPORTS) reserves the right to amend or add to these 'other' rules to provide greater clarity to our competition players.

Entry Limit
Each player is entitled to 1 free entry into our competition. Players wishing to submit more than 1 entry should consider making a donation to our running costs, which will result in an account upgrade. Upgraded accounts can submit up to 5 entries in this competition.

Race Result
The race results will be taken from the Official website of the race series soon after the completion of the race. This will be used to determine the finishing positions. If, after the competition has been updated, the results are amended through appeal or disqualification, the scores will not be corrected in respect of this competition. The original result will stand.

If your selected rider does not race you WILL NOT score points awarded to any replacement rider. It is your responsibility to change your riders ahead of the cut-off if your rider is not taking part in the race.

If your rider moves to another team in the same series during the season you will continue to score points for that rider with their new team. If your rider moves to one of the other series, their points will be frozen.

All times stated on this website are UK Local Times (unless otherwise stated). Any validations based on time will be determined by the SERVER timestamp that this competition is running on. Although the time is frequently checked, it is up to you to ensure your entry and/or changes are submitted in good time before the race weekend.

The league positions are determined by the number of points scored by each team. Where points are tied, the order on the league table is determined by the date/time of entry - earliest entries first.

With the debacle from last year we've abandoned the POS site motogpmanager.com. Plz sticky this thread. Spanks :)

PS - What's up Deezul? :hattip
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