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2008 R6 Silver -This bike is being turned into a racebike and all the bodywork is in mint condition (250 miles) EXCEPT the lower left fairing. The left fairing has two hardly noticeable scratches that were from leaving the fairing on the ground and accidentally stepping on it. I can post a picture of the scratches if necessary.

I'm looking for $900 for the bodywork and parts set below but I will part separately. You could easily turn around and sell this for more but I need to money for racing and don't have the space in my apartment.

Bodywork & Parts
*Fairings - $400
*Tail $200
*Marker lights $40 for all four
*Headlight assembly - $200
*Rear seat - $50
*Stock license plate unit - $50
*Passenger Pegs - $30
*Stock exhaust Can - $100

All these parts are in mint condition unless stated otherwise.

Please e-mail me if interested: [email protected]
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