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2007 Yamaha R6. 2500 Miles. BLUE

DID X-ring 520 chain and vortex front and rear sprockets (2 up in the rear). Frames Sliders (no-cut). Full Akrapovic Stainless Headers and muffler system. flush mount blinkers. intergrated rear turn lights with brake light. fender eliminator kit. Speedo healer to accomodate the gearing change. Power Commander III USB. Over $2000.00 into this bike after the almost $10,000 for the bike new. I am the original owner and can tell you anything and everything about the bike.

This bike is in tip top shape and has been sitting for most its time. ALWAYS garaged...always serviced and rode from time to time. never sat for more than a few weeks. Never dropped, no scratches, and NEVER rode in the rain.

Please give this bike a good home??

Bike with full Akropovic Exhaust = $8500
Bike with Stock Exhaust System = $8000
Located in Upland, CALIFORNIA (near the ontario aiport)

I will consider putting the stock exhaust back on the bike as well as taking the power commander off and selling for $8000 FIRM.

909-559-0309 or email me - [email protected]

pics taken march 2008


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Yep thats right folks......IIIM BAAAACK!!!

Just picked up a blue 07 R6 Yesterday.....cant wait to get back in the loop and ride with all the OG's

Its gonna be ALOT of catchin up with all you mofo's!!

What is everyone riding now? Hows my Numba 1 Stunta?

Say it ain't so Mateo!
Not too long ago that you posted this...

GL with the sale homie....:thumbup
Hey if you wanna sell me your rear stand, I'll take it.
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