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hello everyone, I am new here and I know this has been covered a bunch of times however the issues I am having dont seem to match anything ive read so far.....
To start off the bike is a 2007 R6(s) it currently has a little over 6,000 miles, coffmans shorty exhaust, BMC air intake, and, Bauce Racing ECU flash.
the problem im having is the bike is stuttering/hiccuping/misfiring call it what you will at around 9,800-10,000 rpm WOT when I roll of the throttle and ease back onto it the bike passes 10,000rpms and then instantly pulls hard again now this only happens in 4th, 5th, and, 6th gear not 1st and 2nd and 3rc those gears pulls strong all the way to redline.
recently ive changed the spark plugs and coils ive tested the coils with an ohm reader and they are within spec and so are the spark plugs. I should mention I put the dual electrode plugs in and the coils are the mitsubishi ones.
can anyone please help me with this I am stumped I guess the next things I need to check are fuel pump and injectors but why isnt this happening in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear?? Ive been at this for months and cant figure it out.
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