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2007 R6 cold idle issue need help.

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So i just got this about a month ago used 2007 R6. Every cold start it started to have this jumping idle and if left along to warm up the bike will shut off after about 40 seconds unless i hit it with some steady throttle to keep it going. Ones it shuts off i can just turn it back on and go throught the same process.
Ones the bike warms up to about 150 F it stays on idling fine.
So far all that i did was oil change and coolant.
It has an aftermarket slip-on amazon knock off and the Servo Cables (believe they are called) are still attached.
Never owned an R6 before so i cant really specify if it feels like its slightly lacking some power maybe it is or maybe its just me honestly i dont know.
Anyone had this issue before or know what it could be or where to start looking. I was thinking to have the spark plugs replaced but would also be paying someone to take care of it due to working 12-16 hours a day not really having time to do it myself so im not trying to spend endless money if it doesn't actually fix the problem.

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