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I have an issue with my 2006 R6 that I just haven't been able to resolve and now I'm trying to get some help. I've read numerous threads but so far nothing has worked.

The problem I'm having is that my R6 is stalling on me when I'm either sitting at a stop light or coming to a stop. It doesn't happen all the time but in a span of 30 minutes it will happen four or five times. It just sputters and slowly dies and if I don't give it throttle it will just turn off. I can get it to happen by blipping my throttle a few times. Here's a video with an example.


I decided to take my bike in for a valve inspection because it was almost due and some people on other threads claimed it fixed their problem. The valves where in spec but the mechanic suggested replacing the coils and spark plugs since they didn't look great. He also suggested I get a power commander because the bike was running lean (two brother exhaust/K&N Filter). I went ahead and replaced the coils, plugs and also had them install a power commander. After the work was completed the same issue was happening so I took it back to the shop. He said it was hard to diagnose since it wasn't happening often enough. He suggested that I try replacing the fuel pump because maybe there's a problem with the fuel pressure. I orders a pump online and replaced it but the problem persists.

I'm wondering what I should try next? I know there's lots of sensors on the bike but there's no engine codes being thrown.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you
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