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2006 R6 SP

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Got my bike back from paint today and I love it:bowdown

The paint didnt arrive in time for my headlight covers so i'll have to wait till next week for them which will just finish it off.

Ive just taken a few quick pics which came out a bit dark and the batts run out in the camera.......ARRGGHHHH

What do you guys think?




And I sould be getting a nice gold chain next week

Big thanx to mark,exellent job:thumbup
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Nice. Think a little bit more gold needed. Nice set of gold Gilles rearsets would look nice.

Sex on wheels right there. Even though my blood bleeds Yamaha Blue, I think that paint scheme is the best of all the 06's. Too bad we'll never see one on this side of the pond.

Lookin good :thumbup
BN1 I will be in the pub soon/later but if you send myself a text I can meet up tommorow and sort out the race fairing paint scheme mate :thumbup
Looks amazing, a bit like the R1 SP with the gold wheels. I've always liked gold wheels on a bike.
mmmmmm, yum yum
I'm gutted, I want that bike lol. Really nice paint job there.....

Carbon always goes well with gold. Ohwell..... too many stock parts on my bike but not for long hehe......
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