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2006 R6 Flasher install for integrated LED taillight / turn signal

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I installed the CA integrated taillight / turn signal. Everything works fine using the resistors, however I don't like the cable jumble and the heat generated by the resistors. So, I bought the flasher from CA. http://clearalternatives.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=CA&Category_Code=Flasher

does anyone have some pictures for the install of that thing? I managed to install the taillight just fine, but this flasher is giving me headaches!

Any tips would be appreciated.

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i just put in the yellow CA integrator on my anny, and it was a bit more involved than i thought as far as bodywork goes, not hard, just a bit time consuming. I am just living with the fast blink rate because one of the resistors in my package was screwed up. Let me know how it turns out with their flasher unit
-You have to remove the seat.
-Then unbolt the tank and lift the tank.
-Then remove the plastic/rubber/foil looking cushion that is between the tank and subframe (sits right where the back of the tank bolts down to the subframe)
-There is a small section that is revealed and you will see the relay.

SORRY....no pics.

so the connector for the rear turn signals is under the [email protected]# great location for it.

i will post updates about my undertaking
It controls front AND rear turn signals....not just the rear. But yes...that is the location.

I have the custom LED relay on my bike with a CA tailight and Graves Flushies up front....it did the trick. Plug and Play is great....dont have to worry about resistors or the heat they create. :thumbup
well...i took the tank off an took a look....I couldn't find a plug that fit the one that I got with the flasher

in time, I'm sure someone will post some pictures...until then, I just keep using the resistors.
pm stir6 i think he did it
You have to lift the tank and the padding that goes in between the back of the tank and the subframe...it's right there....under the tank.
thanks ! i was also looking for this.

here is a picture where the flasher is sitting

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its under the shiny foily shit. you unplug it , its the one with the brown and brown and white wires, and just plug yours into it instead.

i took another run at it this morning with the updated help from the posts. sure enough, once i took a look under the padding the connector was right there :hyper

Then it was just a matter of unplugging the stock flasher and inserting the new one! I then cut out the two resistors and clean up all the cables that I needed for the resistors. it looks great now, very clean...no heat generated and works perfectly!

thanks for all the help...this is a great forum and source for help and information!

if anyone bought an integrated taillight / turn signal, I highly recommend to exchange the flasher...it works so much better than having the resistors installed.

I'm glad we could help!:handclap
your welcome so we help everyone and we can learn from other guys/girls
good info waiting for my yellow ca tail intergator and magic blinkers, trick flasher, and greggs flushies up front
i think am gonna use this thread!! i bought greggs flushies and integrated tailights too.. but i dont have any idea how to do it!!! and do i need to buy that electronic flasher too??? cause i taught if you buy that integ. tail it comes with a heavy duty relays!!!?????
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