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Up for sale is my 2006 r6 special anniversary edition, bike runs perfect with no problems whatsoever. This bike is very fast! 140hp+

I have owned this bike for the last 5 years and it now has 10,000 miles on it. The bike has been garaged 99% of its life and cleaned and waxed regularly. The tires are practically new, battery replaced in 09.


termignoni moto gp slip on

Custom midpipe (the bike sounds great and is loud)

tinted double bubble windscreen

flush turn signals

new bridgestone battleaxe tires, 190 rear

custom polished rear sets and passanger pegs

The bike has always run perfectly and I have never had any problem with it. It is in near perfect condition (minus normal wear and tear). I've always used expensive synthetic oil and regularly maintain everything. (I work in the auto high performance aftermarket) I recently bought the new r1 so I can't afford to keep both although I love the r6 and still ride it all the time. This bike is crazy fast and you will not be disappointed. I oversized the rear tire when I changed them so the rear is the same width as the 1000cc bikes and it looks very mean.

Price is 6000$ I will work with the buyer for delivery and will help out however I can.






http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v197/azezial/turbo r6/fullpicbikeandturbo.jpg

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Yamaha says the r6 makes around 125 & 130hp to the crank..usually around 100 to the wheel. With quality mods and a good tuning you might see 110h- 112hp to the wheel.

5500 is a better starting price for that model with that mileage.

good luck with your sale
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