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2009 right side front fairing new 40.00

2006 right and left side fairings 15.00 each plus shipping
2006 black upper covers 5.00 each

2009 exhaust 60.00 plus shipping 125.00 with stock slip on and cables.

slip on with cables 60.00

light and kill switches 25.00 each horns 10.00 each

rear sprockets stock best offer

sprocket carrier missing two studs not stripped 15.00

stator and cover repainted not OEM 65.00

clutch cover with scratches no deep scratches just missing paint 30.00

cam cover repainted not stock 25.00

slip on with small scuff 40.00

lap timer brackets 40.00 each

2006 and 2009 stock shock 50.00 each

front forks slight bend in tubes make offer on parts

passenger pegs new 40.00 plus shipping

calipers with stock brake line SOLD

shark skinz front fender 40.00

starter 40.00

clutch basket as seen 80.00

2006 r6 oil pan 40.00

charging rotor 40.00

graves cover great condition 60.00

right side lower fairing 50.00

plus various other motor parts like oil/water pumps cam covers slotted intake cam etc etc.

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May be a stupid question, but is this in the USA? As need the front left light surround panel, but im in the UK
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