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2005 Yamaha YZF-R6 Raven Limited Edition

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Hi, im selling my 2005 Yamaha YZF-R6 Raven Limited Edition. Starting school this coming september and need $$$. the bike is in good condition. been down once at 2km .. at gas station. i have a hindle migh mount slip on, on it, steel base frame sliders. there the ones with the removeable and changeable heads. so if u drop the bike and that plastic wears out, u can replace it. and the 2005 Black testing Valentino Rossi MotoGp bike sticker kit. bike handles and rydes like a dream. no wheelies ever done on it. no stupiedness .. had it only for pleasure. tune up done at 1000KM, and at 5000KM, have had bike all checked out. needs nothing! everything is A+. MUST SEE!! bike has about 6900 kms. im asking about $10,000 OBO. this bike is real head turner!! i have not seen another one like it. research it if you dont belive me. the R6 Raven. they only brought a few in canada. and 2005 is the only year yamaha had a all black R6 .i would post pictures but dont know how to. so i will add a link to yahoo pictures when they finish uploading. add me on msn for more pictures / information [email protected], my cell is 647-896-7625(ROCK).

pictures http://ca.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rockydubb/album?.dir=/9575re2&.src=ph&.tok=phAn76EBpb95dFeY
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I think 10Gs is a little steep, but good luck with the sale anyhow.

Maybe you can make some more money if you sell the damper and pipe separately. I'd be interested in the damper if the price is right.
what size is the All black Teknic Chicane 2pc suit?
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