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Bike is has a clear tittle with an extra set of race plastics. Spare tank (useable) and multiple other random parts.

Bike as it sit 3k
Bike with all my parts I can Find 3500
I'm in Hampton VA.

I purchased this bike from a member on here a few years ago. Have add a few things to it, and used my old plastics. That have now been on 3 different R6es. This bike is extremely strong.

Buy Street plastics and put it back on the street
Here is a link to my Craigslist add.


I'm also selling the R1
here is a link to that add.

I'm just changing my hobbies, going to head to the dirt.

Flyin Hawaiian
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Sweet bikes!!
Love the R1 effin great deal too!! Wish I could buy it.
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