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2005 R6 headlight ?

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Hey guy's just wondering if anyone has ever replaced the high beam on there bikes with a low beam bulb and if you can do this.. I hate having just one headlight so i always drive with my highbeam but it annoys other people at night, I know they make a conversion kit but I dont want to spend the $$.. Just wondering if I could just pop a low beam in and leave the high beam on all the time and be done with it..thanks
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just aim the highbeam lower than it is supposed to be(like bring it down on the road more and you wont blind ppl)
If the '05 headlights are like my '03s (99% sure they are) then the high and low beam bulbs are identical. It's the actual projector housing that makes the high bean look brighter than the low. The high also doesn't have the block off plate inside the housing like the low. I guess if you could replace the high side projector components with the same as the lows and aim it down some then you'd have identical headlights on either side.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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