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2005 R6 For Sale

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Red 05 R6 5,500 miles. $6,400 obo. CO (970) 454-5678

Bike runs great. Last oil change 1,000 miles ago M1 15/50 & Highflo oil filter

Over $1,500 in extras includes:
Red R6 Harris Grips ($25)
Red/Silver Micron Highmount ($450)
Red Frame/Swingarm Sliders/Spools ($110)
Red Zero Gravity Windscreen ($50)
Tank Pad ($15)
Vortex -1/+2 520 Spockets ($100)
New RK Gold 520 Chain ($120)
New BMC Race air filter ($80)
PCIII USB w/CD and all ($300)
Integrated LED Rear Signal/Tailight ($120)
GYTR Rear Stand ($160+ from dealers)
New Pilot Powers (now have 750 street miles on them) ($250)
I also have a camera mount for the tank I'll throw in.

Chain changed at same time as tires. Air filter just installed this past weekend. Also, resprung up front w/.925 springs (I think). Springs were replaced before I bought it. They're a bit firmer than stock. Nice set up over all.

I have the stock can, rear fender, D218 tires (spent), air filter, sprockets, two stock windscreens and left side cover w/gasket ($60). Bike was dropped on left side once. Has a few scratches on the mid,cover and clutch lever. Nothing too bad.

I think that's about it! :)


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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