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2005, or 2006

  • keep the 2005, suspensionarise it, word dawg

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • 2006 for the win, what else? nothing!

    Votes: 10 76.9%

2005, or 2006, the question...again

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I'm sure this has been asked over a time or two, but i need input.

A)my 2005 r6 raven, running on 5 or 6k now, done up great, everything except motorwork and suspension(although its been dialed into my weight). A guy is willing to buy it for 9-9.5k from me sooooo.....

B)2006 r6, ya know, 9.2kish i'm guessing? but i would have to go back through and redo the mods, not to mention the money hit.....soo whats it gonna be guys?
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i didnt read the post before i voted, so i want to change my vote.

if some retard is going to give your 9 grand for your 05, i would do it without a doubt.
Are we talking US dollars?

If someone was going to put $9,000 in my hand for my 2005 model YZF-R6 (that didn't even cost that much when new) so that I could then go buy a new 2006 model...

I don't know.
Can I get back to you on that? :umm
i really like my 05, but that 06 on the track is really nice.
:hyper 9k for an 05, SELL SELL SELL

tell him he can buy my 04, and i'll let it got for 8.5k :thumbup
Sell it fast and you may find you dont need too put on many mods on the 06 r6
full exhaust, brake lines, pc3, suspension 1st on the list if so...my 05, has lines graves slide stops, vstacks, 15/50, 520, full sys termignoni etc, its equiped...but ya, 9k huh
anyone think i should just keep the 05? why?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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