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2004 Yamaha R6 (track set-up)

I have put about 10 track days on it. All mileage from Willow springs, Button Willow, Pahrump and Palomar Mountain. This is a well tuned and adjustable track bike. She is fast and nimble nothing short of beautiful to ride.
Been stored for the last couple of years in my parents garage and always on a battery tender and ran periodically.

Note: this is a "clear title" bike not salvage. It is in my name with no liens and never been crashed. It also has the full harness intact if at any time you want to run lights. Also the tail is now painted to match the bike and all stickers are removed.

List of upgrades
1. V stacks
2. BMC high flow air filter
3. fuel pressure booster
4. AFAM Type 4 520 Conversion Kit with DID ERV3 Gold Chain w/spare gearing and sprocket carrier
5. power commander
6. Scotts Rotary steering damper
7. Woodcraft "full" rear sets w/replacable component levers
8. Woodcraft adjustable clip-ons w/replacement bars
9. Fiberglass race plastics (painted)
10. Penske triple piggy-back rear shock (set up for 140-160lb rider)
11. sliders (frame and swingarm)
12. Mach 1 mapping (110hp to the rear wheel w/print out)
13. Yosh full race system (NOT slip-on) (mapping and gearing adjusted accordingly)
14. Forks w/.95 Racetech springs (set up for 160lb rider)
15. Suspension height adjusted for track spec lowered in front/raised in rear by Dave Moss @ Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning
16. Lap timer installed/ beacon, tripod
17. Steel bradded front brake lines w/spare calipers (not installed)
18. Michelin slicks installed (will include additional set of hardly used Dunlop slicks and a set of scrubbed in Dunlop Sportmax GP-A DOT race skins) Will suggest all new rubber
19. Stock harness still fully intact
20. Vortex upper triple clamp
I will also include spares like filters, levers, spare parts, spare fasteners, etc. I will decide as I find and throw in what I think you can use. Will look for all my setting info to if I can find then....

I will update if I can think of anything else. A quick sale can bring additional goodies :thumbup


Pick up will be in Indian Trail, NC near Charlotte

Please e-mail instead of PM if possible [email protected]


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