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I have been trying for a good while now to get my 2004 R6 started. After sitting over the winter, I tried starting the bike and only heard the relay clicking sound and it threw the "Err 1" error. Purchased a new battery and installed it, no more error codes. Try to turn the bike on again and the starter turns strong, but no engine firing sounds. Ran through diagnostic codes, everything seems fine. I took the spark plugs out, they looked fouled so I put in some new NGK's. Checked the primary and secondary resistances in my coil packs, they were consistant across the board, and within spec. Even checked to make sure they were producing sparks. It was at this point that I had noticed that the crank case breather hose was missing.

I do not know how it went missing or if it was even there when I bought it 🙃. I have since ordered a new hose which will be here soon. However, I do not believe this would cause my no start situatiuon. Fuel pump is spitting out fuel. I have dumped all the gas out of the tank and put new gas in it. My airbox was very clean, new air filter last season. I feel air pressure coming out of the exhaust. Checked fuses were okay. Bad fuel injectors was the last thing i could think of, I am having trouble getting to them though. The assembly is secured with loctite I believe and I cant get the leverage on them.

For what its worth, I have not tried bump starting the bike, also bike has a power commander 3 installed. Ran like a champ last time it started in November or so. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
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