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2003 R6 Stalling... question about diagnostic codes

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2003 R6 Stalling... *UPDATED* with TPS clean

*UPDATE* Did the TPS clean and no stalling or idle issues anymore.


I checked the the diagnostic mode and 61 came up with codes 30 and 46. 30 is lean angle sensor and 46 is power supply to FI system relay is not normal. I just picked this bike up from my friend so I have no idea if or when these were addressed. The CEL light isn't on right now. Can I be sure that these codes are no longer affecting the bike? I'm going to do the TPS cleaning tomorrow to see if that helps. I'm really thinking it might have something to do with code 46 since its stalling. I have an appointment next week to get the coils replaced (service recall) so maybe that might help too. Basically, can I be sure that these codes are no longer affecting the bike is the CEL light isn't on anymore?
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clear the codes.
then play the wait game. maybe nothing will show back up.
lol... i guess how do you clear the codes?
ok obviously you know how to scroll through the diagnostic codes on your bike. right? so,
go to diagnostic code 62 and turn the kill switch on then off
if its on switch it off then back on
when you go to code 62 It will display the total number of fault codes the computer has stored, in your case it should show 2.
since you have the lean angle cut off code your bike has been wrecked or tipped on its side correct?

the codes could just be from that and nothing else.
yea the previous owner laid it down once... the voltage seems correct though in the diagnostic mode.
ok reset the codes... no CEL coming back. Seems to idle ok, but still very rough. Didn't stall in my 10 minute ride. Going to do the TPS clean tomorrow and getting the coils replaced next Thursday. Hopefully that will clean up the bike's performance and be a much better ride.

One thing I did notice... I was going about 3/4 throttle and it didn't want to rev past 7K... just sputtered so I backed off and shifted. Any idea on that one?
Yeah until you get those Denso's replaced it's kinda hard to troubleshoot any further...
ok did the TPS fix and it worked. no stalls at all. clear the codes, and having the coils replaced on thursday. definitely a good recommendation instead of going to the shop. +1 for TPS cleaning...
rode again today for about 1.5 hrs and no stalling or bad idle at all... confident now that the TPS cleaning really does make a difference.
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