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heres the BEFORE pictures of my 2003 R6 (check those huge turn signals, fake carbon fiber, gay red flames, bling windshield:))


Exterior Modifications
carbon fiber GYTR exhaust hanger - carbon fiber FRT fender - carbon fiber RR fender - carbon fiber shark guard - carbon fiber chain guard
carbon fiber L engine cover - carbon fiber R engine cover - carbon fiber triple tree cover
rizoma grips - rizoma barends - rizoma FRT reservoir - rizoma RR reservoir
double bubble smoked windscreen - fender eliminator kit - stomp grip
LED integrated smoked tailights with flasher relay - LED flushed FRT smoked turn signals - LED license plate light
carbon fiber leatherette seat cover - GYTR seat cowl with carbon fiber leatherette cover
black frame sliders -black swingarm spools - black exhaust slider

Performance/Handling Modifications
carbon fiber GYTR slip-on exhaust - K&N air filter - dyno jet pcIII
GPR stabilizer - pazzo shorty levers
vortex rearsets with return spring and brake light switch - vortex gas cap
driven 520 sprocket acceleration kit (-1/+2) - ek 520 MVXZ chain (black)
galfer wave FRT disc brakes - galfer FRT stainless braided brake lines - carbone lorraine SBK5 FRT brake pads
"ebay special" wave RR disc brake - goodridge RR stainless braided brake line
pilot power

Other Modifications
passenger foot pegs delete - decals delete
aluminum/black caliper mod and black top fork covers (no more blue anodized)
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