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2003 R6 Black(flames) in Atlanta

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2003 R6 Black(flames) in Atlanta (pics added)

Selling my 2003 R6 Black w/ Flames R6

Only owner
7055 miles
PC and CF Jardine pipe only, rest is stock (no stickers or other add-ons)
never been down (not even dropped in the driveway :) )
I have all maintenance records from Lawerenceville Honda/Yamaha
Had the coils replaced under warranty though they were not exhibiting any problems.

Will need a front tire soon since it is the original (tells you how hard I ride :)

Asking $5800

I will upload some pictures tomorrow. Girlfriend left the digital camera at school :furious


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I don't know if you're looking to sell quickly, but I would be very interested in purchasing your bike towards the end of July. I'm in Tucson, Arizona but I have a friend in Atlanta that would be able to meet with you and check the bike out. The bike would then have to be shipped, but that wouldnt be a problem if the bike is in order. Get back to me, [email protected]
I have a feeling this will go quickly. Looks good from the pics. Good luck with the sale!
Let me know if you still have it! Very intrested...cash on hand!
Cool Looking R6

That is one cool looking R6.

Awesome dude.
I am in Atlanta. I might be willing to buy, but I would have to sell off my current '99 R6 first to raise the funds to purchase yours.
damn where was a deal like this when i bought my 03 with flames?!?!? Bump for great price!

Yes, the bike is still for sale. For the local people interested, I can show it anytime. For others, PM me with any questions you may have.

I bought an 06 R6 and my girlfriend is making my nervous as she pulls her car in with two bikes now instead of one. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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