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For sale as a lot only. I will not separate. All parts are from a 2003 silver/black R6.

Upper, left mid, left and right lowers and tail upper and gas tank. All of these pieces have scuffs/scratches, but the tabs/mounts are intact. The gas tank is dented on the left front and does not have a cap or fuel pump.

There is no front fender, no right mid, no tail undertray and no windscreen.

Headlight. Cracked/broken on the left, but the lights still operate.

Mag cover, oil pump cover, one bar end, clutch lever, stock mirrors. All have scratches/scuffs, but are functional. Mirrors are not cracked.

Dented rear wheel with Michelin Pilot Power. Dent is very small, should be an easy repair for the many shops that specialize in wheel repair. Tire appers to be OK.

Stock muffler. No dents, minor scrapes on the leading edge.

The parts would be excellent for a rat bike, or a Rhino lining coated bike, or could be sanded/filled repainted.

I am asking $200 for the lot. It must be picked up in the San Diego area (Poway), and as stated at the top, I won't part the lot out so please don't ask.

I'm working on photos, but my Canon is still being repaired and I can't get my computer to read the photos from my son's camera.:banghead

I'm sure you will notice this is my first post, but I joined quite a while ago and have used the great resource s of this site and purchased items from other members. I'm just not too good at posting when I don't feel like I have anything construcive to add.

Thank for looking.

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