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Ok, so I don't know much mechanically about bikes. With that said, I have a 2002 Yamaha R6 with 25,xxx miles on it.
I bought this from a seller that let it sit in his garage for around 5 months (or so he said) anyways battery was dead and fuel pump was shot. I got a new battery and fuel pump as well as ran seafoam through it. When cold it starts up fine. However, it does backfire and stutter a LOT. it also gets hot FAST. Another thing being that I noticed that cylinder 1 and 4 dont get as hot as 2 and 3. Last thing whenever i shut the bike off and try to start it like 5 minutes later it will not start until it cools down.
If you got any idea pleaseeee let me know thanks <3
also thank you google translate <3
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