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Hi guys, been reading alot on the forums the last two days and seeing some mixed information, hoping someone can help out here.

Im buying a write off R6 2002 Uk model from a few hundred miles away so its getting couriered to me by a local company, the bikes ignition barrel got damaged in the accident, no keys either it would seem.

If i buy a new barrel, does it need 'coded' to the ecu? or will fitting the new barrel with its matching key allow the bike to start? I see alot of posts about keyless on these R6's but i dont see how that would pass the immobiliser either?

can anyone make any suggestions ? i can get a barrel for like £50 but dont feel like coughing up £500 for an ecu on a bike im getting as is for a good deal :(

this is the current 'state' of the barrel from pictures...

he new barrel i have found seems to come with one red and two black keys.

From what i have seen the red is the 'master' key? will this help me code the new keys to the ecu?

or because the immobiliser code will be different on the new ignition to what the ecu is expecting, it wont work even with the red key?
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