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Hello everyone. I’ve got a 2002 R6 I’ve not long put a full yoshimura system on it, new iridium spark plugs, K&N air filter, coolant and oil change.

Obviously now I’m running a full system I’m gonna have to get into the carbs. I’m not stupid, I’ve been playing with two strokes my whole life but big bikes are slightly intimidating mechanically but nothing I can’t manage. I like to do my own work.

Now I’m looking at a factory pro jet kit.. I live in the UK so I think that’s under 1000ft altitude wise, I’m not sure about that. I ride mostly between 10-20 degrees Celsius. Sometimes a little hotter but rare due to the English weather haha! How will the kitknow what jets I should be running?

I’ve also read that the K&N air filter is no good or does anybody think it’ll be alright? Should I scrap that and buy a pipercross one?

Thanks for any help! I will post pics of my bike, the jet kit and air filter I’m looking at.. Let me know what you think! Thanks.
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