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Hi guys , im hoping someome here can help .

My 2001 bike has a problem . Ive cleaned carbs multiple times , feul filter new and air filter pretty new .

If i pull feul line from pump to tank abd reconnect it my bike runs nicely for about 20 miles then gets rougher , then i repeat the process and its fine for another 20 miles .

Last night i actuslly just tilted the tank and turned off feul tap , primed the feul pump then turned on feul tap again and started the bike . It run smooth again and slowly lost its smootness by mile 20 . So i repeat the process and its fine a while again .

Tank breather / vent and feul cap seem fine . Any ideas ??
Its really bugging me , love the bike but this problem is getting in way of all the fun.

Hope someone can solve this mystery .

Cheers . Russ
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