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2001 r6 oil light problem

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ok .i did not find this in a search.i just switched over to 20 w 50 maxima semi sthyetic oil. and switched to a k&n oil filter
it was 93' f temp today.i was on the hwy today doing 80 mhp and the oil light and oil can icon on the cluster started to flash.i pulled over and the oil level was full.i turned the key on and with the engine off the red light stayed on and the oil can icon flashed.the oil was full. after a few minutes i started up the bike and the light went out after a minute.never came back on.as i understand this light is for oil level only and has nothing to do with oil psi due that there is no oil psi switch on a 2001 r6.i cheched all the wire's and found nothing.also turned the key on also started the bike and wiggled all the wires.light stayed out . i did a quick acceleration to 100 then a quick decel, no light .anyone ever have this problem or know wtat it could be .thank you,
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Strange.....never happened to me....01 R6, 80 000km.
Might be the sensor......can't remember where it sits..... :banghead
01 r6

the oil is a tad overfilled.could the 20w 50 be to thick? not draining back to pan fast enough.it was full when i turned the bike off and checked level.weird i do not rember this problem before oil change.i guess a bad sensor . anyone??
is that the first oil change that bike has had, with that type of oil? it would scare the sh1t out of me. how many quarts did you use?
i change oil and filter every 1000 miles.used yamalube 20w 40 and factory oil filter.this is the first time using k&n oil filter and 20w-50 oil. it took just a little under 3 qts to fill.bike has 10 k on it
The 99-02 light will come on if you're up above 10k for long periods of time, once you back down and the oil falls back into the pan it will go off. Just verify that you do have enough oil in your pan when your bike is cold! before you start ignoring your light.
ok i found this doing a search.the search button really does work .lol
My oil light used to come on and go off at will. Now it just stays on all the time. I'm always checking the oil to be sure though. Sucks riding at night with a bright red LED staring you in the face. Anyone know where the sensor is located?
shit mine's on pretty much all the time
wheres the fuckin sensor.. i'll eat it
the sensor is on the bottom of the oil pan.

They are known to be overly sensetive.
D duck said:
the sensor is on the bottom of the oil pan.

They are known to be overly sensetive.
so how would you get to it?
Stunaz said:
so how would you get to it?
remove lower fairings,then remove exhaust system .i went back to the factory oil filter and yamalube 20w40 and no more oil light problem:thumbup
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