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I just bought a big diesel Excursion to tow a big trailer so I need to get rid of my blazer.

-Bought it just over 2 years ago with 50k miles, now has about 97k.

-Clean title, clean carfax

-Bought it in OK, was a texas truck so no rust, I am the 2nd owner

-Has pretty much every option available for the 2 doors except sunroof.

-Power everything, heated mirrors, power seat, tinte windows, push button 4x4 (everything there works flawlessly), overhead console with garage door opener holder, sunglass holder, etc..

-The only thing that I can think that doesn't work is the gas guage. This is VERY common on these trucks. I don't really think about it as I just reset the trip meter when I fill up so its no inconvienience to me.

-I will be putting the stock stereo head unit back in and removing my amplifier, but I will leave in the 4-way Pioneer 6x9's, 4-way Pioneer 4x6 Plates, and 3-way Kenwood 5 1/4" speakers, all of which was professionally installed. I used to work at Best Buy, and these were all the best speakers available at the time and still have about a year left I believe on the warranty. Just add a good deck and amp and you will have a kick ass stereo.

-I put on add a leafs on the rear. If you have seen many of these blazers they all sag in the back-this drove me crazy so I put in trailmaster add a leafs when I put on the BFG Mud Terrains about 6 months after I bought the truck. It looks 'right' now but does stiffen up the ride a bit. The tires are still in pretty good shape as well.

-Blue book is $10k, I would like to get $7,500 for it.

Also you can call me on my cell- (913) 219-1378



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