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2000 YAMAHA R6 DC metro area

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2000 YAMAHA R6

blackwidow high mount exhaust
case covers
solo tail
520 vortex conversion
around 10 thousand miles...if interested, i'll go to the garage and look..lol

post here if interested

maryland, washington dc, virginia


you can email me [email protected] or post here.

oh, and it has Harris rear sets and a ohlins damper...i may keep the damper though...
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yes, still for sale and i do have the original tail section plastic but no rear seat or factory undertail.
why do you delete my add to craigslist?? IT HAS MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!! WTF?

according to YOUR guidelines, "If your item does not sell here within 1 week of the initial post, an Ebay link may be added in a reply." befoe that it states other websites....is the reason b/c it's craigslist??
EGlovr said:

what does that mean?? i dont know, but the link is my bike.....org?
i think he means dcportbikes.com and dcsportbikes.net
Crashdummy said:
i think he means dcportbikes.com and dcsportbikes.net
ah, no i didnt...didnt even know about that...thanks
Is the price negotiable or are you set on that price?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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