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2 qestions on reassembling my bike

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i basically finnished putting my bike back together (2000 R6) after a tranny rebuild that took months because i got way to busy and had to ignore it.

anyway i got a couple problems now.

#1 the bike kinda doesnt want to start and when it does the idle is kinda erratic, it will idle for a while at close to what it should, and then jump up really high, especially if i hit the throttle, its like its not returning or something, but the throttle handle returns fine.

one thing that might help this, and my 2nd question is that i am pretty sure i missed a hose when attaching the airbox. i hooked up one on each side of the front of the airbox, right above the ram air tubes, but it looked like i shoulda had another one on the right side which i couldent find

anyway i'd appreciate any advice/help u guys could give me. thanks

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also, lemme know if you need pics and/or dont understand what i am talking about
on the right side one of the holes is blocked and not needed.
my carbs were a lil outa sync before, but that shouldent make it do what it do...

right now, when i start the engine it will idle okay for a minute, then creep quickly up to 3K-4K range and then jump higher (thats when i cut the throttle cuz i dont wanna hurt nothin)

also, when i hit the throttle quick and let go the engine revs really high and stays there... could the throttle cables be on too tight (i hope not cuz those mother Fxckrs are a pain in the ass)

and D Duck thanks for letting me know i got that part right
I agree on those throttle cables.....a real bitch to loosen....a lot easier to first loosen the carb.....which is even a bigger mission because you have to get to those stupid little ellen bolts way there deep underneath the carbs to loosen. Without a torch you're phucked, and there's 4 of them....one of which faces a different direction than the other 3.......phucken hate those....:furious

Anyway, it sounds carby....maybe something's sligtly stuck somewhere......maybe even your choke cable that doesn't close/release properly....or one of the needles in the carb is slightly bent, and prevents the carb-sleeve from going up/down smoothly....grab some tools and open wide......aaaaahhhhh

i wanted a quick fix

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