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1993 Kawasaki 750 with trailer

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Figured id ask you guys before posting on ebay... the jet ski is in perfect mechanical condition. Has normal wear and tear but obviously nothing major. Im not sure about the hours on it, but ive had it for about 4 years now and have only used it about 10 total times and the guy before hardly ever used it either. If anyone is interested ill post pics but if i get no feed back i wont bother. Its located in Fulton NY, just north of syracuse and i want to get $1500 obo for it. Email or reply here... [email protected]
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New price... $1200... any offers also welcome :thumbup


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still no interests...? Goes on ebay soon... let me know
i sold my bike last summer :(
get another one!! just make sure its a track bike!!
Ive been trying but i just bought a house and it is not financially possible at the moment. Next year ill be able to do it. Buy my waverunner and ill get another r6... k :thumbup
looks like it's in good condition. Any engine problems with it?? Top Speed?? Aftermarket parts?
No aftermarket parts top speed i think is around 35 - 40 mph no engine problems.
Anyone be more interested if it was in williamstown NJ, 08094????
Going on Ebay tonight.... last chance before gay bidding :thumbup
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