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120/70 tire on front rubbing

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I have the 120/70 tire on the front of my 99 r6 and it is rubbing on the bottom on the lower fairings. I was wondering if I had to adjust the height of the front forks? Does anyone have pictures of how far out the forks should come out of the triple tree? Thanks a lot!
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The tire should not rub the lower part of the fairings at all even without a fork adjustment. Ive been down that road before, but it was because of an accident where my steering head was off by a degree. Has the bike been down before?
ive had it for over a year and it barely rubs every now and then, the previous owner told me it had been laid down, but there was only a little fairing damage. I am about to put a new tire on the front, dont you think I should atleast go back to the 120/60 then?
the only thing the tyre is likely to rub is the mudguard
ffs dont go back to 120/60
here are 2 pics of a 99 r6 with 120/70/17. note it does not touch the fairings.

sorry could have been better but I was holding the mes. tape and snapping pics.
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Putting on a 120/60 may solve the fact that it touches the belly pan, but it does not fix what the real problem is. Take it to a frame shop because high speed cornering stability is compromised. Like the pics above, you should have almost an inch with a 70 series tire.
Yea dude, sorry but somethign got bent when that guy stuffed it into something. The first gen r6's were not know to have a strong stering stem so the head tube may be bent. Best case is that its one the forks/triple clamps.
damn yea mine is definately messed up somehow...im pretty pissed, do you think it would be the frame or a triple? or I would just have to go have it looked at?
could be as "minor" as bent forks...but as major as bent frame....def get it checked out...
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