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Sup guys,

The reason why I went into the bike in the first place is because I was not idling correctly. Before I messed with the TPS, the R6 ran. It’s started, it would idle for 10-15 sec and then shut off. Rpm’s began at 2500-3000 when I turned the bike on, then lowered to try to maintain about 1500 rpm’s, but for some reason it couldn’t, rpm’s got bouncy and then shut off.

I have gone into the bike and have been getting a code 60 while trying to reset the TPS. When the TPS readings are NOT in spec, I don’t have any codes. As soon as it’s in spec (I assume it’s in spec because when the code pops up, the bike won’t let me check the tps readings in diag mode)…code 60 pops up

-ETV fuses and 50 amp fuse have been replaced (but never actually were bad)
-swapped out TPS sensor (it was fine)
-swapped out throttle body (servmotor, it was fine)

im about to bring the bike to the shop to look at it, what else should I try to avoid bringing it to the shop?
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