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I run a motorcycle performance shop and this is my personal race/track bike. I have done all the maintenance on it since day 1 at 0 miles. when it was on the street we were changing the oil/filter ever 2k miles w Amsoil Full Synthetic and as a track bike it got an oil/filter change every other weekend w Amsoil Full Synthetic.(ive always used K&N oil filters)

The list of aftermarket parts is long and distinguished. Basically everything that can be done is done, with exception to motor work. The bike is a rocket @ 117HP to the wheel after KWS tune(again stock motor tuned for pump 93) and handles like a dream! The suspension work(Ohlins 20mil kit in forks and Wilbers shock) was installed and tuned by Thermosman himself!

this bike is ready to go!!

asking $6,200 OBO or I will consider a trade for an 08 and up R6.

if you are interested, text/call brandon @ 803-530-4063 or email me

coatesbh at gmail.com



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