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I have the following list of R6 items for sale. (Items located in Vancouver, BC)

1) Front Fender - 2CO-21511 (**Mint**)
2) Tail Section Bottom – 2C0-21611 (**Mint**)
3) Tail Section Top – 2CO-21710 ( Scratched + Broken Tab)
4) Rear Tire Fender
5) Left Side – 2CO-28385-00 (**Mint**)
6) Right Side – 2CO-28395-00 (**Scratched**)
7) Right Side Middle – 2C0-2117W-00 (**Scratched**)
8) Left Side Middle – 2C0-211-7V-00 (**Mint**)
9) Side Middle Top – 2CO-2835U-00 (OK)
10) Side Middle Top – 2CO-2835V-00 (**Scratched**)
11) Rear Tire Fender (**Mint**)
12) Left Rear View Mirror - 2C0-26280-00-00 (**Mint**)
13) Left Turn Signal - 2C0-83310-10-00 (**Mint**)
14) Tail Light (**Mint**)
15) 2C0-2836L-00
16) 2C0-2836M-00
17) Panel Console Left Side - 2C0-2837L-00 (**Mint**)
18) Panel Console Right Side – 2C0-2837M-00 (**Mint**)
19) Gas Tank - Could be used as a stunt tank. No Leaks.
20) Head Assembly - Possible small parts.

Pictures ----> Here

Everything on the Left side is in A+ shape, and the items on the Right are scaratched. Could be polished or painted if thats what you desire. I will post prices shortly, but for now please see the pictures below. Feel free to ask questions, and please no low ballers. Lets not waste each others time. I am not looking for the price of a new item, but something close to what items goto on this.
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