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So, I got shat on in a recent craigslist deal. I had a spare motor, so i thought it was a alright deal until I took the fairings off. I bought it for a lot more than I'm even asking... Just trying to pick up any remainder pennies. This is an OBO. To the person that has time to part out pieces this may be a good find.

Lets start with the basics:
- There is a title.
- Bike was crashed before bought but looks like it was covered with new(er) fairings.
- motor is ****ed. I can post a video if there is any interest but it knocks.
- small scratches to the subframe (*pics)
- Front fairing stay needs to be replaced to hold the headlight, gauges on (*pics)
- slight scratches in the vortex rearsets and bar ends (*pics)
- Tank was replaced but has a shitty paint job (*pics)
- Sprockets need replacement, no chain.

- It does have the vortex adjustable rearsets (slightly scratched)
- the full graves exhaust system
- bazazz
- pazzo levers

if you need more pics, don't be hesitant to ask.
Local to Northern Jersey.


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